10 Predictions for Prince Farming’s Season

by ekw9 on 01 /05 /2015

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  1. At least 10% of the women’s first impressions will rely on “hay” or other farm-based puns.
  2. There will be overalls.
  3. Chris will wonder if a city-dwelling lady is cut out for farm life.
  4. One of the women will cite having played “Farmville” as evidence that she’s a good fit.
  5. The women will think it’s really hot when Chris drives a tractor.
  6. Someone will get trapped in a corn maze.
  7. A publicity-crazed drama queen will swear that all she really wants is a simple life in the country.
  8. Chris and the ladies will be pumped to see some band they seem to think is really, really famous though we’ve never heard of them.
  9. Chris will play hide-and-go-seek with at least 2 women because it’s his favorite.
  10. Chris will be super sweet and we’ll all forget that “ees okay” and “besitos” ever happened!