7 Interesting Facts About the New ‘Bachelor,’ Arie Luyendyk Jr.

by Bachelor Bracket on 12 /28 /2017

Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be giving out roses at the start of 2018 when an all-new season of “The Bachelor” starts. Although Arie departed the 2012 season of “The Bachelorette” with a broken heart (courtesy of Emily Maynard), new watchers might not have any idea who he is, or why he is the newest “Bachelor.” Arie edged out Luke Pell and Peter Kraus to for such an opportunity. Here are several interesting facts about the 6’2” stud.



  1. Much like his dad, Arie used to race cars professionally.

Arie Sr., aka Luyendyk’s father, is a respected icon who was victorious in the Indy 500 a couple of times. The senior Luyendyk maintains multiple unbeaten records. The younger Arie wanted the same career as his father, participating in the Indy Light Series. In 2013, he began focusing on off-road racing. At the 2015 X-Games, Arie Jr. won a bronze medal.



  1. He understands how to charm women in Dutch.

Born in the Netherlands, Arie came to America as a toddler. While “The Bachelorette” was taking place Luyendyk, spoke Dutch on a few occasions. When he visited his family’s house, Arie revealed to his mother and father in his native language how ‘perfect’ Maynard was. Not wanting her to be left out of the loop, he told Maynard exactly what he told his parents.







  1. He’s been a part of the Bachelor Nation before.

Luyendyk might have been devastated when Maynard rejected him, but it didn’t take long for him to return to the Bachelor Nation. Luyendyk started dating Courtney Robertson a year later, who had broken up with Ben Flajnik, a former ‘Bachelor’ (and also her fiancé). He also began seeing Selma Alameri for a short time in 2014, who was seen during Sean Lowe’s season.








  1. He’s been referred to “the Kissing Bandit,” and at one point, showed fellow “Bachelor” Sean Lowe the right way to kiss.

When he was dating Maynard, people began calling Luyendyk “the Kissing Bandit” since he was persistent in sneaking in romantic make-out sessions with his focus of attention. When they weren’t kissing, Maynard boasted to the cameras about what a fantastic kisser Luyendyk was. He was such a good kisser, apparently, that when his friend, Sean Lowe, was selected as “The Bachelor,” Luyendyk showed up for a cameo to instruct Lowe on the right way to kiss a woman.








  1. He has a legitimate career.

Luyendyk achieved success in the real estate market. As a broker in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, Luyendyk revealed to AZ Central that he sold over $13,000,000 worth of properties this year alone! He is not alone in the field – Robertson, his former girlfriend, also operates as a realtor in Scottsdale.


  1. He is supported by his famous exes.

Although Luyendyk’s relationships with Robertson and Maynard came to an end, each woman stands behind Luyendyk during his search for romance. Maynard told People recently that she’s been clamoring for Arie to be the Bachelor since the end of her season. Robertson told People that she’s rooting for Arie. She also suggested that the women he meets will be taken back with his passionate kisses.


  1. Apparently, he fell in love a couple of times while shooting his season of “The Bachelor.”

Luyendyk announced over a press call that he had difficulty selecting the right woman when it came down to the final two contestants. Luyendyk claims he fell in love with a couple of women, and had to make the hardest choice of his life when trying to decide who to spend the rest of his life with. Arie has not told anyone if he gets engaged once his season ends. As such, fans will need to be patient until the 1st of January to learn what’s in store for “The Bachelor.”