Are you a first-time bracketer? Read this!

by PettyCa$h on 01 /05 /2014

We are excited to have over 2,000 new players this season! Is it us? Is it Juan Pablo? Is it the dearth of romantic comedies in theaters this holiday season (seriously, it just hasn’t been the same since Love Actually in 2003)? Regardless, we are anticipating that for blood lust, or just lust, the competition may be a little more fierce among Mr. Galavis’ ladies, as well as all of you. If you’re a rookie on the Bachelor Bracket, make sure you’re aware of the flow of the season to level the playing field with any returning veterans.

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First and most importantly, you might be asking yourself: when’s the deadline for completing my bracket? Well, simply put, that is entirely up to your league administrator. If your league is “standard”, the default setting is that your brackets will all lock at 6 PM EST on January 6 before the first rose-ceremony. However, your league administrator can lock and unlock the entire league as well as individual brackets at any time. We’ve heard on the wire that many leagues like to use the premiere as a sort of pre-season if you will – a chance to meet and size up the competitors – and will then lock their brackets before the regular season begins, in this case before the second episode (and rose ceremony) on January 13. Whichever flavor suits you, make sure you know what your administrator is planning so you don’t get shut out. And if you do: fall on your sword, plead the fifth, beg and beseech for the sake of love to your administrator to unlock your bracket so you may finish setting your lineup and still have a chance and the one true final rose: your Bachelor Bracket league title.

Also worth noting that the site can move a little slower around high-traffic times, like before and during episodes. Just like our Bachelor contestants, we are only human and have our flaws. So, best to do your bracket editing and locking in off-times during the week. Ultimately, if anything is ever unclear on the site, just message us on Facebook or Twitter and we will make sure to get you squared away!

For now, happy watching! We can’t wait to see what’s in store…