Bachelor Bracket Gets an Overhaul for Arie’s Season of The Bachelor – Season 22

by Bachelor Bracket on 12 /10 /2017

As the new season of “The Bachelor” quickly approaches, our team is making the final touches to what will be the most “dramatic [website] ever!” The contestants have recently been released by ABC, so now is the time to address what fans can expect from our site and ‘The Bachelor’ this season.  The long anticipated relaunch of The Bachelor Bracket is finally here! It’s been a rocky road, but we are so excited about the final product…it is truly everything we hoped for, and more!

The website itself has been stream lined and completely rebuilt specifically focused on the user experience.   We are sticking to our simple, but unique gaming platforms (Once & Done, After the 1St Rose, and Week to Week), with the contestants’ progression in mind.  This season we are providing optional bonus questions to add a bit more excitement to the leagues.  To make the game even more interesting, we have added paid leagues in addition to the free league options.  We have created our own currency (Bachelor Bucks) to keep our fans playing “for the right reasons.” All transactions through the site will require the use of “Bachelor Bucks.” Winners of paid leagues can use their “Bachelor Buck” earnings to shop for awesome prizes related to the show and its fans.  We are truly excited about our biggest prize option…a romantic getaway at Playa Escondida in Mexico—The amazing resort we’ve seen for the past few seasons of Bachelor In Paradise!

Now, lets talk about the show…Season 22 of ‘The Bachelor!’ The actual Bachelor of this season has come with a lot of controversy.  Arie Luyendyk is a race-car driver looking for love…again.   Some of you may recognize him from Emily Maynard’s season 8 of ‘The Bachelorette’ in 2012. Some of you may not…not all fans of the show have been fans for that long.  ABC went WAY back this season…and many people are not happy about it.  For as long as we can remember, we have felt a connection to the ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ on the show…that’s because we had recently been rooting for them on a previous season in which their love was rejected.  When this happened, it’s as if their rejection was our rejection…so of course we want to see them go on to find their “happily ever after!” But Arie…who’s he again? The connection to this prior runner-up has come and gone and many were hoping to watch Peter find his main squeeze this season…but we are stuck with Arie…and yet the show must go on!

Let’s be honest…once we start watching, it’s more about the contestants anyway. They are what truly makes the show entertaining, and ABC has not disappointed (see contestant bios here).  This year’s ladies are just as beautiful and crazy as ever! Of course not all are crazy…but throw 29 women in one house, vying for one man’s affection and the insecurities and claws will come out!  Isn’t this the reason we watch the show? Of course everyone loves a happy ending, but the road to get there is what really makes it fun. As a fan myself, I know I am always hoping for “the most dramatic season ever!”

If the drama disappoints (but really, does it ever?), then at least you have us here at the Bachelor Bracket to make the show more exciting than ever! Over the years, over 200,000 fans have joined our site.  We hope that our ‘Bachelor Bracket’ players will continue to enjoy all that our new site has to offer.  We were the 1st site created of this nature— with Bachelor Fans in mind, and we will continue to be the best!  Come and see for yourself!