Back into the Swing of Things

by The Bachelor Bracket on 01 /07 /2014

Juan Pablo

We’re back!

And with being back comes some minor growing pains in the first week. We’re proud to say we’ve added almost 15,000 new bracketers this season! That is amazing and we want to give each and every one of you the best possible experience online.

And, with this growth comes some growing pains.


Scoring was off for last night’s brackets, either by 5 or 10 points for many of you. We are re-running the brackets and scores should be up to date by tomorrow morning. We’re sorry for the delay. Upcoming weeks will have no issues going forward.

Editing on Mobile Devices

This is a highly demanded feature right now and one we did not initially intend to support. However, since many of you have expressed interest and we want to give you the best possible experience – we are making it a reality! Once editing on mobile devices is ready we will have a blog post here outlining the details. Stay tuned!

Cross Browser Compatibility

Some people have not been able to edit their brackets because “the girls do not show up.” For 90% of these people switching to Google Chrome for Mozilla Firefox and ensuring Javascript is enabled fixes the problem. However, for the other 10% there are still issues. We want to fix that – everyone should be able to play. Shoot us an email if you are in the 10% and let us know the name and version of the browser that doesn’t work for you so we can work to fix it.

Did you see the previews?!

The upcoming season looks like it is going to be amazing – the last five minutes or so of previews at the end left many of us jaw dropped wanting to see what happens next. We’ll work on resolving any issues or questions you all are facing and hope you’ll look forward to the upcoming season and playing The Bachelor Bracket!