Bracket Editing becomes more “Juanderful”!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 01 /11 /2014

Bracket Editing has just gotten better, or as some would say this season, more “Juanderful”.

To make bracket editing easier and quicker for everyone, we’ve added a few improvements which are discussed below.

A Move All Button

There is now a “Move All” button in the bottom of each round that you can use to take all the contestants contained in that round and move them into the next round. No more double dragging!

Bracket Round before Pressing the Move All button
A bracket round before pressing the move all button

Above we have the bracket round before we press the move all button to move all the contestants. And below is the result:

Bracket round after pressing move all button
After pressing the button, all contestants have been moved

In many cases, moving all will put more contestants than required in the next round. This will color the number of contestants box red, indicating you have too many. If you try to save with too many contestants it will automatically remove the extra ones.

Too Many Contestants
Too Many Contestants show up highlighted as red

You can even move all contestants from a round that is currently closed, but you can not move all contestants into a closed round.

Bracket Saving Indicator

During high traffic times on The Bachelor Bracket, bracket saving can take a few seconds. To help notify you when saving is complete, the “Save Bracket” button will have it’s status change to “Saving” while saving and return back to “Save Bracket” when complete. Please stay on the page while your bracket is saving to ensure your changes are saved.

Bracket Saving Notification
What the Save Bracket button looks like while saving

Highlighting of Eliminated Contestants

Eliminated contestants will now be highlighted in Red when editing your bracket. You can still move them into a round – this is intentional. Some people come to play on The Bachelor Bracket after having started a paper league and like to back populate their rounds.

Eliminated Contestants Highlighted
The Eliminated Contestants Highlighted

Correct Picks Shown in Brackets

Your correct picks will now be highlighted in green when viewing your bracket. Show off those 100% brackets!

Correct Picks in Green

We hope you find these changes helpful and useful. We’ll continue to make bracket editing better as time goes on. Including, the much anticipated mobile bracket editing experience … coming soon!