Changing League Game Types and more, oh my!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 12 /22 /2013

Changing League Game Type

For those of you who have created your own custom league and manage it, you now have the ability to change the game type for that league with one click of the button, instead of creating an entirely new league.

You’ll find the button on the League Admin page where you can select which game type you’d like to convert to. One thing to keep in mind though is that brackets will need to be remade since converting game types destroys the old brackets.

Changing Game Type

Deleting a League

If you have accidentally created a league that you didn’t want to, or otherwise wish to delete a league, you now have the ability to. You can find this control on the very bottom of the league admin page.

Delete League

Delete League Button 2

Once you click on the trashcan, it will expand the button and ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the league. Keep in mind, deleting the league will remove everyone in that league from the league and destroy the league. But, your brackets will still be good.

Leave a League

If you wish to leave a league you are currently in, you can do so by clicking on the trash can button at the bottom of your leagues home page.

Leave a League

After clicking on this button, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to leave the league. Click on the confirm button will remove you from the league. If you were the admin of the league, it will choose another member of the league to now be the admin.

Confirm Leave League

That’s It!

That’s it for the updates for now, we’ll be pushing some more over this holiday week as we get ready for the big premier. Some more info will definitely be coming in the Tutorials Pages if you need any help. Otherwise, as always, feel free to reach out and email us.


-The Bachelor Bracket