Create Bachelor Magic With 8 Ringtones That May Already Be On Your Samsung Phone

by ekw9 on 03 /07 /2014

Your first private moments with a new phone, and without the watchful eye of a salesperson, are precious. It’s in these intimate moments that we delve deeper than ever before, discovering what makes this phone different from all the other phones we’d considered. Only then do we find out what’s really underneath all that clear plastic. (Of course, Juan Pabs probably just tells the phone how sexy it is.)

Well, it’s during these moments that I discovered my new Samsung phone (a Galaxy Note 2 to be exact) contains within it the ticket to my very own fairy tale: an awesome set of ringtones, which if strung together, would be indistinguishable from the soundtrack of any Bachelor episode. Just to reiterate, I’m pretty sure The Bachelor soundtrack is just Samsung ringtones on repeat. (Also, promise this is not an advertisement, but Samsung, you are so welcome.)

Just because no one’s filming your dating life (presumably) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a soundtrack. So without further ado, find out which ringtone you’ll need to queue up for every stop along the way on your journey of love:

  • Getting ready for your date.

Sample voiceover: “I’m so excited to see [name of date] today. I can’t wait to show [him/her] what I have planned, and I think it’ll be a great way for us to really get to know each other a little better.”

Drifting Downstream

Ringtone: “Drifting Downstream”

  • Roadtrip!

Sample voiceover: “We’re in the car just being silly, blasting music, having a great time. I have a lot of fun with [name of date], and I have a feeling today is just going to get better and better.”

Moonlit Beach

Ringtone: “Moonlit Beach”

  • You’ve reached your date destination and it’s so exotic! (Not as exotic as you’d hoped? Try an Instagram filter.)

Sample voiceover: “I feel so lucky to be in this amazing place. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I get to spend it with [name of date].”

Bug's Story

Ringtone: “Bug’s Story”

  • For when things get super magical.

Sample voiceover: “I can’t think of a better place to fall in love than [location]. I can really see myself spending the rest of [my life/the day] with this person. It’s time for my fairy tale.”

Gentle Spring Rain

Ringtone: “Gentle Spring Rain”

  • Getting ready for dinner.

Sample voiceover: “We had a great day and now we get to spend the evening together too. I’m hoping that tonight we’ll get to know each other on a deeper level.”

Midnight Picnic

Ringtone: “Midnight Picnic”

  • For when you’re suddenly dancing on an elevated platform for throngs of adoring townspeople.

Sample voiceover: “Dinner was amazing, and just when I didn’t think it could get any better, all of a sudden we’re dancing with the whole town! It’s just surreal.”

U Generation

Ringtone: “U Generation” (Fast forward to 1:21.)

  • You’re not sure what you’ll do at the rose ceremony tonight. (What? You mean you don’t hold routinely hold rose ceremonies to communicate whether you’d like to continue dating someone?)

Sample voiceover: “Tonight is going to be really hard. I have [number of people you’re dating simultaneously] great [men/women] here, and I want to make sure I don’t make a mistake.”

Rays of the Sun

Ringtone: “Rays of the Sun”

  • Bloopers

No voiceover here, but make sure you’re engaging in hilarious hijinks or running from/towards wild animals while this one plays.

U Generation

Ringtone: “Jungle Drums”