Create Custom Game Types!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 12 /18 /2013

Custom Game Types Now Available!

We’re one day in to the frenzy of the lead-up to the new season and things are going pretty well. Leagues are being formed (some more than once :o), brackets are being made, and Juan puns being thrown about. And, now we’re excited to announce that you will be able to create and manage a custom game for your own leagues.

What does this mean?

A custom game type is one where you set how many picks there should be per round and how many points each pick is worth. You can also set the name and description of the league. As well as create and set the contestants that are a part of your league.

Contestants don’t just have to be the individual Bachelorette’s of this season, you could create custom contestants for events such as “I Love You” in which points would be awarded if a contestant/Juan Pablo uses the phrase “I Love You”.

Custom Contsestant Example
Example of a Custom Contestant

Where do I find this?

To get started you’ll need to go to the My Leagues page and click on create a new league, or click here now.

There you will see a new option for the game type that is custom.
Custom Game Type

Click on that and then set the other league parameters as necessary and create the league.

Then when you go to your league’s admin panel, you’ll see a link for Manage Game, which will take you to the game management area where you can set the league name, description, rounds, etc.

Game Management Button

Game Management Button

Edit the Name, Description, and Contestants


Edit and Add New Rounds

Edit Rounds

So, that’s the gist of it all for making and administrating your own custom game types. Once we get closer to the season the ability to score the brackets from your league will be available and have a one click button for you.

-The Bachelor Bracket