Despite how hard we try, we cannot predict the future

by PettyCa$h on 01 /21 /2014

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Look into my eyes…

Hi players. A quick clarification about the Bachelor Bracket rounds. Because we’re fans just like you, we NEVER read any spoilers and are along for the journey right there with ya. Real talk. Given this, sometimes the number of contestants you picked to go home or stay for any one round may not quite line up with what actually happens on the show. You may have noticed this on the First Night when our bracket had 19 gals advancing, but only 18 did. The sequence of eliminations in the Bracket is based on past seasons and the historical flow of the Bachelor and Bachelorette ceremonies. The moral of the story here is: it’s ok! If more or less people go home any given week, the scoring will still be the same across all brackets and anyone you’re competing with. So, don’t panic, ride the wave of love, and feel excited at the spontaneous, unpredictable, gut wrenching juggernaut that is EL BACHELOR!