Easier League Joining and Sharing

by The Bachelor Bracket on 01 /06 /2014

Night one was great! Now let’s make it easier for friends to join!

Today we are happy to announce a more seamless process for having someone join your public or private league! You can now share with your friends the link to your league directly. If they are not a member of the league they will be taken to a page asking them if they’d like to join. If they are not signed up or signed in yet, it will first ask them to sign up and then sign in before continuing.

You’ll also see a brief explanation of this in your Admin panel on the right if you’re a league administrator. See the images below:

League Admin Explanation
You’ll see this on the right side of the admin panel now

What new players will see
After players click on your link, they’ll be redirected to a page like this, showing your league information

If your league is an Invite request league, you’ll need to share the link that is under the “Sharing” panel on the left hand side of the Admin Panel. Only admin’s have access to that link. For anyone else, they can share their league at any time using the steps above!

Hope this helps!