How does The Bachelor Bracket work?

by The Bachelor Bracket on 01 /06 /2015

First off, welcome back! We’ve seen some amazing growth and excitement again at the start of Chris’ season. And, with that, it’d be helpful to iron out some questions that have been coming up.

What’s a Standard Game?

A Standard Game is one in which you make your picks for each and every week up-front before the admin locks the brackets. For the Chris Soules’ Official Standard League this meant before the first episode of the season all picks had to be made. Currently all rounds are locked. In general, a Standard Game implies that picks are made up front and not continuously as the season goes on.

More info here.

What’s a Week to Week Game?

A Week to Week Game is one in which you make your picks for only the current week. Then after that week’s episode airs, the following week is unlocked and you can make your picks for that week. This game type has the benefit that you are not penalized for bad picks early in the season in later weeks since you can update your picks each week. Basically, each week is independent of the other, and you make your picks before the start of the current week’s episode.

More info here.

When do brackets/leagues lock?

They lock at the start of the east coast airing of the episode. If you are playing the Standard Game all rounds lock before the first episode and remain locked. If you are playing the Week to Week game, only the current week’s round locks before the start of the episode.

However, your league administrator can lock and unlock the rounds at any time to suit your specific league’s needs. If the league administrator does nothing custom, then it will follow the pattern above depending on if you are a Standard or Week to Week game.

League administrators, check out this for info on how to lock rounds.

I have other questions, where can I possibly get more info?

We have a Help Center where you can find information on more mechanics of playing on The Bachelor Bracket.

When I click on the page, things aren’t working?

Most likely you do not have Javascript enabled or are using an old browser. If possible, we recommend you switch to Chrome or Firefox as your browser. If not possible, make sure you have Javascript enabled (not Java). Sadly, if that is not possible, then you may be out of luck.

Can I edit on my mobile device?

Yes, but it is a horrible experience and we realize that. The best way to edit your bracket is on a desktop or laptop device.

When are brackets scored?

They are scored after all episodes air that night and ready by the morning. We do this so that The Bachelor Bracket does not spoil any persons viewing of the episode in any timezone.

I chose Custom Game, what does this mean?

First, this most likely does not apply to you who are reading this. But, we have the option for leagues who want to fully manage their own gameplay to use us. They can set up the number of rounds, the points per round, the contestants photos, the number of contestants, and so forth. More info here.

With this also comes the responsibility of editing your game’s Master Bracket and clicking the Score Now button in the admin panel. Like we said, most admin’s reading this do not fall into this category. If your leagues brackets have not been scored, then you probably do. If that is the case and you do not want this responsibility, please email us – see Contact page for more info.

What is the “Admin Panel”?

This is where the League Administrator gets all the controls over the league. Such as approving pending players, locking and unlocking rounds, changing league name and description, changing privacy settings, etc.

Check out the Tutorials Page for info on the admin panel.

Something is confusing me?

We could be better about how “How-To’s” and game play information is disseminated on this site. And, we plan to. But, for now sometimes you might have a question that you can’t find an answer to. If that’s the case, please email us at [email protected] We’ll respond as soon as we can. Sometimes this is within a few hours, other times a few days. We do our best effort to get to it.

Can you make a mobile app?

This is in the dream pipeline. Since we created The Bachelor Bracket there has been an explosion in general mobile usage and adoption. There is a definite need for an app, and if possible, we will make one. But, it certainly will not be ready this season, and when we make one, it will probably be for iPhone first.

What do I win?

Bragging rights! Some leagues also make their own custom prize which is a great idea too. But, for the sponsored leagues, bragging rights is what you’ll get. Next season we’d like to do a T-Shirt or something else fun.

Alright, hope this helps answer any questions you or a league member might have had. Email us if you have any more questions. And best of luck to you and your league!

-The Bachelor Bracket