Image Uploading Improvements & More Notifications!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 12 /24 /2013

Happy Holidays!

Hey Everyone, first off wanted to wish everyone Happy Holiday’s and hope that wherever you are, or whatever you are doing that things are going well and you are able to enjoy this nice time of year!

Back to the Fun Stuff

We have a few improvements detailed in this post that will surely help some of you out. Every day we try to roll out a new improvement or feature to keep making things better, today we have two features that people have requested.

Notifications When a Player Joins Your League

You will now get a notification email when a new user has joined your league. We had this feature last year, but it had been absent this year for a while and are glad it is back. In general, more useful email notification features will be coming soon.

Example Notification
Example Email Notification

Fixes for Image Uploading

Unfortunately for a small percentage of browser’s out there the image uploading for your personal profile and for your league wasn’t working. It basically was the result of compatibility issues between the drag and drop and what the browser supported. If you were a Safari user with version 5.0 or below, this probably meant you. So, first, sorry for that and not catching it sooner.

Second, it’s fixed! For browsers that didn’t support file drag and drop, you’ll now have a button that you can click to choose a file and upload it. It will then preview the file for you and you can continue as normal with editing the page you are on.

File Upload
File Upload Feature for Certain Browsers

It’s difficult maintaining a site for multiple different browsers and not possible for us to catch everything, every time. So, many thanks go out to those of you who brought this issue to our attention or have brought another issue to our attention in the past!

That’s It

That’s it for now with the updates. Enjoy your time with the family, loved ones, friends and others and we’ll see you again soon 🙂


-The Bachelor Bracket