Juan Pablo: The Man, The Myth, The Bachelor

by The Bachelor Bracket on 01 /04 /2014

Juan Pablo
The Man, The Myth, The Bachelor

We’re one day away from the premier and my mind is whirring with twenty-seven ladies and the possibility of taking home the league trophy this year. Did I tank last season with an abysmal final round pick of Nick M? Regrettably yes. Am I coming back armed with insights on each contestant and a blazing vengeance? Absolutely.

But before getting caught up in which gals take nude selfies, or are already in committed relationships with their dogs, I thought I should take a step back to ground myself in the most important puzzle piece: Juan Pablo.

What do we know? The basics: 32, born in NY but raised in Venezuela. Former pro soccer player turned sports and music agent in Miami. 4 year old daughter Camila with slammin’ hottie former girlfriend Carla Rodriguez.

He’s charismatic, funny and has abs for days, but I think this easy-going soccer star has more limitations than he’s letting on. Here are some crumbs he’s dropped along the way that will lead us home to victory:

  1. When asked about what kind of girl he was looking for in an access Hollywood interview, his first three responses were “understandable, doesn’t get mad and fun.” What?! At the very least JP, lead with fun. What to glean from this? The party girls might catch his eye

  2. JP shares custody with Camila’s mother and from what I can scrounge up from interviews and her fabulous life on instagram, it seems like a pretty amicable arrangement. Forget any contestants who have established lives or careers they’d like to hang on to, if you aren’t buying a one-way to Miami, you’re out.

  3. Juan Pablo is dedicated to his work. He spends many interviews talking about music and sports, events and appearances. He’s going to need a piece of arm candy who can hold her own and entertain.

Takeaways? Know the decision maker. I’m well aware of my bias towards choosing girl-next-door types, ones with kind eyes, straight teeth and birthing hips. But I’ve done the research, and sophisticated socialites it is for me this season.

May the roses be ever in your favor…