Kaitlyn & Britt’s Season!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 05 /14 /2015

Welcome Back to The Bachelor Bracket

We’re back for another season, this time with two Bachelorette’s! In this blog post we’ll hopefully go over everything you need to know if you are a new player or if you are a returning player.

When are brackets locking?

Week to Week games will have the “Britt or Kaitlyn” round lock Monday night at 9PM EST, right before the episode airs. They will have the first 6 eliminated lock Tuesday night at 8PM EST, right before the second episode airs. From there on out, the rounds will lock at the show time of the east coast episode.

Standard Game will have ALL rounds lock Monday night at 9PM EST before any part of the season airs.

After the 1st Rose will have ALL rounds lock on May 25th at 8PM EST before the episode airs. We will also make a After the 1st Rose Week to Week option after the first episode airs.

Can I override when rounds lock?

Yes. The administrator of your league can lock and unlock bracket rounds at any time. If they go into the Admin panel for your league, they will see options to lock and unlock any round they want.

Do the rounds automatically lock?

Yes. The rounds automatically lock at the start of the east coast airing of the episode for the particular round being scored. You will see a countdown indicator with how many hours and minutes you have left until they lock. But, your league administrator can override this at any time, so when in doubt, ask your admin.

Can I change how many points Kaitlyn and Britt are worth?

Yes and No. You can change it by awarding custom points to either people who got it right or people who got it wrong in your league. The league admin can award points at any time for any reason (maybe they won a trivia contest, or some other fun game). They do this all through the admin panel.

Can more than one person admin a league?

Yes The person who creates the league can grant as many extra administrators as they like. Again, they do this through the admin panel.

How many leagues can I be in?

As many as you like! You can also create as many as you like also.

It is in the admin panel under the Sharing section. But we also have social buttons for Facebook and Twitter which you can use to share.

How many people can be in / can I invite to be in my league?

You can have as many people as you want in your league! There is no limit!

Do brackets auto save?

No. Remember to hit the save button to ensure your bracket saves.

When are brackets scored?

Brackets are scored after the west coast version of the episode airs and will be available the following morning.

How many contestants do I pick per round?

Each round has a number of picks associated with that, and you can pick up to that many number of players per round. This is not a draft style format, multiple players can have the same choices for a given round.

The number of roses given didn’t match up with what really happened?!

This happens. We don’t want it to happen, but sometimes it happens. We set the number of rose’s given based on historical numbers to the best of our ability. Often, this is correct, but sometimes it is not. Remember, everyone is scored against the same credentials, so there is no advantage nor disadvantage to everyone being off by one. If you are concerned about this, your best bet is to play the Week to Week game where we have the most up to date information.

If I don’t pick Kaitlyn or Britt correctly, is the season over for me?

No. They are just one round of the action. ABC has indicated that after the guys choose one of Kaitlyn or Britt the show will generally continue as normal. Even if you pick the wrong one, the rest of your rounds will still be scored if you are doing the Standard Game. In Week to Week you’ll make your picks each week anyways.

How are points calculated?

You earn the points list for each round for every correct pick. As an example, if the round is worth 3 points per pick and you get 15 out of 19 picks correct, you will earn 45 points for that round.

This covers a lot of the basic questions you might have, but feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions not answered here. Also be sure to use the Tutorials and help section of the site to find answers to questions you may have. This is the fastest way.

Thanks and good luck!