New Feature: Custom Bracket Round Locking

by The Bachelor Bracket on 12 /31 /2013

League Admins now have the ability to lock and unlock specific rounds within their League’s bracket.

If you are using the “Standard” or “Week to Week” game play options the brackets will lock automatically before the start of the first episode for the “Standard” option and before each episode for the “Week to Week” option.

However, many people like to play the “Standard” option where you watch the first episode to get a feel for the contestants, and then lock your bracket before the start of the second episode. This is a great way to play too! League Administrators will now have the ability to custom lock and unlock weeks if they choose to do so.

Step 1: Go to your League Admin Page

Go to your league admin page to see a new panel called “Bracket Locking”

Bracket Locking

This panel explains how bracket locking works and has a button that you can choose to allow you control over your leagues locking.

Step 2: Give yourself locking control

Bracket Locking Button
The Locking Control Button

Press on the button in this panel to give yourself the ability to lock and unlock specific rounds tailored to your own league’s needs. Once you click the button, the page will refresh and show you which rounds are available for unlocking and locking.

Step 3: Lock and Unlock

Bracket Locking of Rounds

A table will be displayed which shows the rounds which are currently locked and unlocked. Next to each round is a link that will perform either a lock or unlock operation on that round. When you lock a round it is no longer able to be edited by players of your league. When you unlock a round, it can be edited.

Step 4: See it in action

Once you lock or unlock a round, you can head over and edit your own bracket to see that the change took effect!

A Locked Round

That’s all there is to it! Let us know if you have any questions.


-The Bachelor Bracket