The Bachelor Bracket goes Prime Time!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 03 /04 /2014

Bachelor Bracket
Chris Harrison – Bachelor Bracketer!

First, here’s the link to ABC Nightline’s video coverage of the story:

ABC Nightline – The Bachelor Bracket

The Bachelor Bracket … Unbelievable!

-Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison)

Second, a little backstory about the site:

The Bachelor Bracket started as something just for a small group of five friends. We had started to play a paper version of the bracket (like I’m sure many of you have done) and wondered if it could be done another way. So, we made that other way – The Bachelor Bracket.

In the beginning The Bachelor Bracket wasn’t as it is right now. Over the past three seasons we’ve evolved from just the five of us playing to around 1300 players and now we’re at approximately 20,000 registered players!

The First Version
Version 1.0 of The Bachelor Bracket

The Bachelor Bracket Now

The growth has been fun, and the growth has been challenging. As a small team it is rewarding to see the site grow and grow with the players. We enjoy hearing your feedback both positive and negative about The Bachelor Bracket. In the end, it is this feedback that makes for a more enjoyable experience. And, we hope to always keep making things better.

So, as we near the end of Juan Pablo’s season, we would just like to say “Thanks!” for being a part of this journey with us. Hope you enjoyed the ABC Nightline Segment for a little behind the scenes action.


-The Bachelor Bracket Team