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Create an Account

Creating an account is quick, free, and easy. To get started click on the Sign Up link in the navigation bar, or directly click this link: Sign Up

To sign up you will provide an email and a password which are necessary for you to log in later and be a part of The Bachelor Bracket Leageus. Your passwords are encrypted and stored securely along with your email information.

Once you have entered an email address and a password, click on the create button. You have now created an account and can join leagues and other good Bachelor/ette fun!

When do Brackets Lock?

The time when brackets lock depend on two things:

  • 1. The Type of Game – Standard vs. Week to Week that your league is in
  • 2. Your League Administrator’s Settings for your league

Standard League Locking

By default all Standard Leagues are set to lock directly at the start time of the airing of the first episode of the season on East Coast time.

Week to Week League Locking

By default all Week to Week Leagues are set to lock directly before the start time of each week’s East Coast airing of the episode. Meaning, you have until the start of the episode to get your picks in.

Administrator Override

Locking on the East Coast schedule isn’t convenient for some members, but it allows us to fairly lock before the start of the first episode. For those people in other timezones who want more flexibility in when a bracket locks, the league administrator can override and manually lock and unlock bracket rounds at any time. If you ever have a question about when your league will lock it’s rounds, please contact your league administrator.

Reset Your Password

A situation might arise where you forgot your password and need it reset – no problem! To reset your password go to the Password Recovery Page. On that page you’ll fill out a brief form and your password will be reset.

Edit Your Profile

When you create an account, your profile is set up to show your email address by default. However, you can change it to add optional information such as your name and a “handle” to be identified by. You may also add a custom picture as well.

To edit your profile you can click on the My Profile dropdown menu on the top right of the page and then on Edit Profile. Or you can click directly here.

Once you are on the Edit Profile page, you will see a form with fields for changing your email, first name, last name, and handle. Everything except your email is optional (you use this for your login). There is also a box where you can click or drag an image into for your profile image.

Once you are done making changes, hit the save and update button to save your changes.

Joining a League

Joining a league is fast and easy! You can find all available leagues to join on the All Leagues page. Only registered users are eligible to join leagues.

Leagues can be private, public, or invite only. Public and Private leagues will show up on the All Leagues page. You can immediately join public leagues, but private leagues will require the permission of the league administrator.

Once you find a league you’d like to join, click on the “Join League” button. If it is a private league, you will be notified once you have been accepted into the league.

Creating a League

You can create a new league by going to the All Leagues page and then scrolling to the bottom and clicking on “Create New League”. You can also click directly here.

Once you are on the Create New League page, you only have to fill out five options to get started: The League Name, The Game Type, Privacy, a Description, and an optional Picture.

Once you set these parameters, click “Create League!” to finish the process. Your league will be created and you will be redirected to the League Home Page.

How many leagues can I join?

As many as you want!

There is no limit to the number of leagues that you can be in and create. We do ask that if you accidentally create a league which you did not mean to create, that you delete it so that other players don’t join an abondoned league.

The League Home Page

The League home page is where you find all the information pertaining to a specific league that you are a member of. You can get to any league home page by going to My Leagues and clicking “Go” button on a league you are a member of.

see notifications about events happening within the league – such as bracket locking, and unlocking. Also, you’ll see messages from other members of your league. You can write messages yourself as well!

There is also a row of buttons that will allow you to edit, view, and manage your bracket. If you are an admin, there will be a link to take you to the admin panel.

You can hover over a players image in the center of the rankings panel to see a button pop up which will take you to their bracket.

The League Admin Panel

If you have created your own league you can access the league admin panel to take care of all things related to managing a league.

For the most part you won’t have to do much on the admin panel unless you want further customization and control over your league. Below is an outline of all the functions you can perform in the admin panel.

n the General Information panel you can update the league name and league description. Once you finish making changes, a save button will appear which you will need to click to save the changes.

This setting dictates whether other members of your league can see each others brackets. A setting of public means all brackets are visible. A setting of private means that players within a league can not see each other’s brackets.

This is the invite type of your league. If your league is set to “Invite Only” you will find a link to send to people in the “Sharing” section of the admin panel. See the image for descriptions on other league types.

By default a sponsored game league (Standard or Week-to-Week) will follow a bracket locking pattern. However, if you wish to customized this you can and allow brackets to be locked or unlocked at any time. See the following blog post for more info: Bracket Round Locking Blog Post.

You can share your league with friends if you like. For “Invite Only” leagues you will find a link here that you can send to friends. Once they click on that link they will be automatically joined to your league if they are a registered user.

You can edit your league image in the Image Editing section. This is the image that others will see when attempting to join your league.

It is possible to delete your league if you want. See this blog post about deleting your league for more information.

f your league is a private league that requires approval, you will find a list of players that have requested to join your league on the right hand side of the admin page. You can choose to accept or reject their join requests.

Quitting a League

If you would like to quit a current league that you are in, you can do so by going to your leagues home page and scrolling to the bottom. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a trashcan button which will take you through the steps of leaving the league.

If you are the league admin, then a remaining player will be chosen to become the admin of the league. If no players remain, then the league will be completely deleted.

Deleting a League

A league administrator can choose to delete their league at any time. To do so, head on over to the admin page and scroll down to the League Removal section and follow the steps there for league deletion.

When you delete a league, all members of the league will be removed from it and all information lost for that league. It is not reversible.

Creating a Bracket

There are three ways to create a new bracket. A registered user can create a bracket by joining a game or joining/creating a league.

Registered Users

The first way to create a bracket is to just join a game directly. You can do this by going to the All Leagues page. Here you will find all available leagues for you to join. When you join a league, your bracket will be automatically created for you based on the

When you click on the “Join a Game” button underneath one of the games, you will automatically have your bracket created and taken to your bracket management page. From here you can choose to View or Edit your bracket, as well as set privacy and sharing options.

See the Joining a League help topic for more info on how to do this. Once you have joined a league, your bracket is ready to be edited.

What Brackets Do I Have?

To see what brackets you have currently, go to the My Leagues page and it will show you all the leagues you currently belong to. For each league you belong to, you can click on the link to view the current state of your bracket. From there you can decide to edit it if you want.

Editing Your Bracket

To get started editing your bracket you’ll need to head over to the desired bracket’s edit page. This can be found by going to the page of a league you are in and then clicking on Edit Bracket, or by going to the My Leagues page and finding a bracket for the league that you are in.

Once you are on the Edit Bracket page, it should have your bracket in the middle panel, on the bottom a panel of contestants, and on the right side some saving and sharing information.

For each round there are blue labels which show the # of contestants which are allowed to be added, the status of whether the round is “open” or “closed” and the # of points each correct pick is worth.

To add a contestant, you need a Javascript enabled browser to click and drag a contestant over to the panel you want to drop them into. They will then be added to that round and the contestant totals should update. You can not drag over more than the allowed number of contestants. When you have dragged over the max number of contestants, then the # of contestants will turn green to signify you are at the max.

When you are done editing you must press the save button otherwise your edits will not be recorded. The save button is on the top right corner of the page.

You can also hover over a dropped contestant to see some options. The two options are “Propagte” and “Remove”. Propagate will add this contestant down to the next round without you having to drag them over again. So if you know you have “Jenny” winning, you can put “Jenny” in round one and then just click the down arrow to “Propagate” her to the last round! There is also a Remove function that will alllow you to remove the contestant from the current round and automatically takes them out of all

Remember, once you are finished editing to hit the save button. From here, you can then share or view your bracket, or return to your league home page!

Creating a Custom Game

You can create custom games of your own and manage them! For a detailed explanation on how this can be done, see the following blog post.