Week to Week Bonus Round!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 02 /10 /2015

The Bachelor threw us a twist with another no-rose-ceremony night, so we’re throwing a twist right back and adding a Bonus Round for week to week players!

Another twist thrown this week with no Rose Ceremony! But, we’re introducing a new Bonus Round for Week to Week players. Another Round of 6 has been added to your brackets!
More rounds = more points = more opportunity to win your league!

This upcoming Sunday will have two rounds available for editing:

  • The Bonus Round of 6
  • The Final Four Round

Bonus Round
Bonus Round of 6 Locks this Sunday at 8PM EST

Get your edits in for both rounds before 8PM EST on Sunday. We’ve included a countdown on the rounds to remind you. Only Week to Week games are impacted by this.

If Week to Week admins would prefer not to have this round, they may lock it using the admin panel.

There is an episode on Monday Night too, so get your Round of 3 Picks in for those before 8PM EST Monday night.

Side-note: Last night’s and the previous weeks rounds have been scored and leagues have been updated too.

Good luck!