Welcome Back to The Bachelor Bracket!

by The Bachelor Bracket on 12 /17 /2013

We’re Back!

We went through a redesign of the site this offseason. Many of you gave great feedback as to what you’d like to see on The Bachelor Bracket to improve it and make it more fun. We’ve attempted to incorporate those ideas into the new site. Not all features will be available right away, but we’ll add them as time leads up to the start of the season on Juan-uary 5th. Let’s dive into some of what is already available:


Improved Bracket Editing

Improved Editing
Bracket Editing got an Update

We updated the design for editing your brackets to make it easier and involve less dragging and dropping and more strategizing. You can still drag over your player to any round you want, but now once they are in a round you can hover over them and click “propagate” to move them to the next round. Hover your mouse over a contestant when editing a bracket to see this in action. Click the down arrow that pops up.

Additional Gameplay Options

Additional Gameplay
New Week-to-Week gameplay option

In addition to the standard method of playing where you pick all the contestants before the first (or second) week and those picks are locked in for the duration of the season, we now have the game play option where picks are done week-by-week. In this game option each week is treated separately and wrong picks earlier in the season are not penalized late in the season. Instead you start out fresh each week.

Revamped League Homepage

Revamped League Homepage
Revamped League Page

League homepages got a small makeover to make certain information easier to see and to encourage league communication.

Other Notes

Some features you were used to last season, may not be available right now. We’re aware of this and are working to get everything incorporated as soon as possible. Your league’s from last season are also temporarily unavailable as we migrate the data over. It was important to have Juan Pablo’s season available for you to use before this data migration begun.

The contestant corner will be available shortly with all the informative details on this season’s contestants.

Overall, we have a bunch of other new additions to the site on the horizon. Stay tuned. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us: Contact Us

Thanks! & Good Luck Bracketing!